Saturday, July 11, 2015


Hi everyone, on my last trip to Europe I had the time to visit a city I had never been to before: Madrid. I grabbed my 1956 Leica M2 camera with black and white film and walked the whole city for a weekend. On the first afternoon I found out that the 'Plaza de Toros' was still on and that it had a run that afternoon. Perfect occasion to put my old camera to the test.
God was I going to be in for a SHOCK. For some reason I really thought that it would be a recap of the good old days with the 'ole...ole....ole' as the great attraction. But to my surprise, and shock, it was all real. Real meaning that over the afternoon 'show' 6 bulls were put through torture and an agony that left me numb. And what was even worse was turning around and seeing a fully packed stadium cheering and excited about such spectacle. I couldn't get myself to understand that in the 21st century people would still be up for this. Even worse when I found out that these 'corridas' happen 5 days a week all year round!!
Funny and sad enough these fotos capture this old/ancient tradition in a retro style that could & should be from 50 years ago, which is the time where it belongs.
Left the city in utter deception, feeling sick that people of this 'first world' modern society would accept something like this.

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